Percakapan 1

Tulislah kalimat-kalimat berikut
dalam Bahasa Inggris,
baca kalimat setelah mengklik linknya,
ulangi jawaban yang benar setelah Anda menekan ikon speaker

A : “Is there a market near your house?”
B : “There is one, but not so big.”
A : “How far is it from your house?”
B : “Around five hundred meters.”
A : “Do you usually buy your daily needs there?”
B : “Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But at least once a week I must go there.”
A : “Whom do you usually go there with?”
B : “With my mother or my sister.”
A : “If you don’t go to the market, where do you usually shop (buy things)?”
B : “There is a small warung (food stall) in front of my house. I usually shop there, especially when I am lazy to go to the market.”
A : “How is the price different in warung and in the market?”
B : “It’s a bit more expensive in the warung, but I don’t need transportation to go to the market.”
A : “Is the market near your house busy?”
B : “It’s busy in the certain time, like next to the holiday, or Sunday and off day.”
A : “Is there also fruit seller there?”
B : “There are some. But I don’t often buy fruit there. I prefer to buy it at the market. Although it’s a bit far, but the price is cheaper, and the fruit is more fresh (fresher).”
A : “I also like fresh fruits.”