Cerita 1

Tulislah kalimat-kalimat berikut
dalam Bahasa Inggris,
baca kalimat setelah mengklik linknya,
ulangi jawaban yang benar setelah Anda menekan ikon speaker

Bali is a small island. The location is at the east of Java (island). I have been living there for fifteen years. Next year I will move to Australia. Before I move, I will go to Jakarta first for three days to get Visa. Actually I like very much to stay in Bali, but because of my job/duty, I should move to Australia.
I will go to Australia by Garuda. I and my wife will take a taxi to Ngurah Rai airport. I have packed my goods. All of them are around three suitcases. I also will take/bring my dog. This morning, my dog has been caught. I will make a nice house for it (the dog) in Australia later.
Anton, my first child will still live in Bali. While Siti, my second child will follow me to Australia. Now she is studying in the third grade of Junior High School. Next year she will finish her study. In Australia, she will start studying in (Senior) High School. Last year she was visited by Lucia, her friend from Australia. She came to Bali together with her parents. Her father works in Bali as (the) General Manager of a hotel in Sanur.
Siti likes music very much. She plays music everyday. She also likes singing. She can sing Balinese song, Indonesia pop song, even West song. She attends/joins singing lesson at a music school in Denpasar. Next year she plans to attend/join a music contest, but because she will go to Australia, she should cancel it.
Now I and my wife should study/learn English. I think English is very difficult. We should study/learn it harder. I hope next year we can speak English fluently. I have bought some English books and cassettes. I will learn/study English everyday.
Tomorrow afternoon, I and my wife will go to Sanur beach. I want to meet Mr. Brown, my friend who stays in Santrian Hotel. He has come in Bali three days ago, but I have not met him yet until now. He called me last night. He said that he will go back/return to Singapore next week. Tonight I will buy a painting at/in Kumbasari market. I will give the painting to Mr. Brown. I hope he will like it.
Yesterday I bought a computer. I didn’t buy new computer. Old computer, but it still can be used. I also should learn to use computer. I should use computer if I work in Australia later. Studying computer is easier than studying English. I am sure, I can use computer in one month from now.
I have finished writing my letter. Now I will sleep for a moment. I will get up at three o’clock (PM). That is (That’s) all what I can tell you. Thank you.